"Our Lady of Lepanto", Ora Pro Nobis!

"Our Lady of Victory", Ora Pro Nobis!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Chapel and Crucifix of Christ of Lepanto

I want to share with all of you this incredible image I captured recently on my trip to Barcelona, Spain. This is the Crucifix, "Christ of Lepanto" along with "Our Lady of Sorrows". This crucifix is located in "The Cathedral of San Eulalia" of Barcelona. This was my 3rd pilgrimage to this famous cathedral but for the first time and by God's grace I was drawn to this magnificent crucifix. I could not help but notice all of the people venerating this crucifix, I mean after all it is only a crucifix every Catholic Church has so what was the reason for the significant veneration? As I started to lift my camera and click away, the policeman immediately cried out, "No fotographia!" so I stopped. I did not understand why I was able to take photos throughout this cathedral but hands off this one and I respected it and went on with my visit.

Early the next morning I could not sleep so I quietly left my hotel room and allowed my wife Kim the opportunity to sleep in so I got dressed and went back to the Cathedral to pray the Rosary and recognized I was the only one present in the cathedral all alone with our Lord in the adoration Chapel and there it was again this magnificent crucifix everyone had been venerating in such awe. As I knelt down to pray I spoke to our Lord and said "Lord, I am not sure why so many of your faithful are spending so much time venerating this crucifix but I will also and for whatever reason". I noticed that no one was around so when I completed my prayers, I took this photo and I truly did not feel ashamed and demonstrated complete reverence, and truly felt the Lord wanted me to have this photo. What I finally realized from this moment, this crucifix was the actual crucifix used on the ship of Don Juan of Austria in the "Battle of Lepanto" in October of 1571! This is the crucifix the Moslem Turks had seen coming straight toward them in one of the greatest battles in the history of the world! The reason why it is curved to the right is because it was constructed perfectly vertical but the Turks fired a canon ball towards it and by a miracle it curved to the right to avoid being hit! I can not believe I am actually kneeling in front of it. So now I want to share this magnificent gift with you all. Please feel free to copy, distribute, share with all, and display in your homes and office. I know the Lord wants us to have it to share and venerate.

Thanks be to God!


  1. Thank you for allowing me to use your Lepanto photographs. I placed them in my blog "MiraculousRosary.blogspot.com" on my page of famous rosary miracles and gave you credit. It is important that we share these beautiful treasures of our rich Catholic Heritage. May God bless you!

  2. A copy of this Crucifix can also be seen in the church of "Notre Dame de la victoire de Lépante", St Raphaël, France

  3. your Le Panto Pic has now reached to the Islands of Trinidad & Tobago located in the Caribbean

  4. Hello,
    I also would like to use your photo... The Paris Gare de Lyon station is celebrating the 1rst anniversary of the Paris-Barcelona line, and they want to use the opportunity to offer their travellers a small exhibition in the entrance hall, showing various (10) mysterious, curious and often beautiful things they can see in Barcelona, with a small text and a photo to illustrate. The crucifix, which has an amazing story is of course one of those 10 small stories, and I would love to be able to use your photo. We would naturally mention anything you'd like beneath it, name, copyright etc, and I could later on send you a document showing you how the exhibition looks.
    Thanking you in advance for your attention and kindness,
    Best regards,
    Natasha Bervoets